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I’m a communications specialist and travel writer. I have been working in all things media for 9 years, in which time I have carved out a career as a TV personality, documentary producer and published travel writer.  I specialise in garnering PR coverage for clients and creating promotional videos to best market destinations. I am a regular guest on Irish TV and radio stations offering opinions on many topics, most notably; travel. My mission for this website is to get under the skin of the culture of each location I visit.  I explore the people and their way of life, which helps to make each location unique.  I aim to gain insight into the culture of the people including their dance, food, dress, traditions and societies.

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Geraldine O'CallaghanI’m a travel fiend with a massive addiction to adrenaline. Cool on the outside, total nerd on the inside.  Love reading, writing and studying.  Speak English and Spanish, not too bad on the Italian either. I hail from Dublin’s fair city from a family of six children – they’re all Irish, I still haven’t found my nationality. My mother’s convinced I have ADHD.  My father named me his Fearless One. My friends call me a Joker.  I reject the labels and continue exploring.
I love people of all shapes, sizes colours and backgrounds. My gut instinct is my guide and my life’s motto is: “Nothing gotten easy, was ever worth having!”

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